Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book - Printing

The book has been printed. twice. changes had to be made to the initial design, as usual - nothing is ever right the first time around!

Problems that occurred : Gutter space, Margins and Typos (oops!)

I thought the second is the final print, but then I came home and realized there are some small things that need to be fixed, so yes, I will go printing again tomorrow.

Here is the final pdf of the book though, with all the changes made.


  1. hey is this the final print? because there's a typo on the first page. it should be 'facilitator', not 'fascilitator'.
    looks GREAT btw! love your spreads :)

  2. Thanks Akshataa!
    And yes, I know, I made alot of changes today - there were more than just one - final print tomorrow.